Sundials recall a simpler time, when life moved more slowly. Our wearable sundial jewelry need no batteries, are kind to the environment and will last forever.

Portable sundials have been used since Roman times, worn as jewelry by aristocrats, carried by navigators on their trips around the globe, and used by common folk in their daily routine. Shepherds in the high Pyrenees use portable sundials to this day.

Throughout history, portable sundials have sent lovers to their rendezvous, reminded monks of the time for daily prayers, and kept merchants aware of the passing hours. Shepherd’s Watch® offers recreations of historic portable sundials that are practical enough to tell you the hour, beautiful enough to attract every eye and ingenious enough to transport you hundreds of years into the past.

While these days people are much more interested in the latest gadgets and technologies – a miniscule timedial is a great conversation starter and something to help you stand out from the crowd. The best thing is they are actually quite useful – and will help you recalibrate yourself whenever you need to check the time – creating a link between yourself and divine nature.

Transport yourself to a time – and people will be very impressed.

The best thing about our sundials is that they are made from

Harris Morrison first came across a portable sundial while searching through the antique shops of Paris. He discovered an object, a very old sundial, so beautiful that he had to buy it. Fascinated, he began a period of intense research and joined the British and American Sundial Societies.

As he began to learn about portable sundials, or “dials” for short, Harris drew on his many years as a master potter and his experience as a jeweler and began to design elegant, fully functioning modern versions of sundial timepieces.

Shepherd’s Watch® sundial jewelry combines the beauty of intricate craftsmenship with a link to past centuries, when human inventiveness and the daily rhythms of life were closer to nature. Harris has paid close attention to: functionality (make sure the dials work), appearance (make sure they are attractive), and historical accuracy (make sure they are faithful to their originals)

To ensure historical accuracy, Harris consults with experts in the sundial field.

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