Donald Trump and What a Grooming Routine Can Say About a Politician and the News Cycle

Donald Trump has become the de facto most searched for personality on Earth. As leader of the free world he enjoys unlike many of his predecessors the most volumous content written about him. Keep in mind this is not just the press – but also the public content of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the private sites that are out there. But what makes this man so fascinating and what can he – in the end – tell us about ourselves and our obsession with celebrity?

When Donald Trump first came on the scene he was known as a property developer – just like his father – and this is how he came across to New Yorkers. As many will remember Donald Trump was loved by many – even though he was rich he represented the American dream – ironic though – considering that he came from wealth himself and was not an upstart.

One thing that put him in the limelight is doing many interviews – as well as various cameos in movies – and he soon became a household name. However what really put him over the edge of just another household entrepreneur name is his show ‘The Apprentice’ which was shown on NBC. Keep in mind that this was no joke – this show was literally the most watched show on NBC and their biggest cash cow. It ran for many seasons and was wildly successful – it echoed the remnants of ‘Greed is Good’ – Godon Gecko’s saying – and with it came a lot of fans of Donald Trump – who also wanted their slice of the pie.

But how could that be done?

Soon Donald Trump was opening Trump University and other things – such as writing books – to show others exactly what it takes to win the art of the deal. Yes – that business book – which is arguably the greatest selling business book of all time – was written by Donald Trump in his classic style.

However as Donald Trump entered elections it soon became something else – whereas before Donald Trump was not scrutinised much – and just known as a property developer who had made a lot of money building various properties around New York and Las Vegas – soon he was known as someone who could make a real big difference to people’s lives.

And then you see the news articles about Donald Trump’s hair – his statement on his hands – and how big – or how small they are. These are all things that had never been discussed about Donald Trump before – and certainly not in the way that it was done back in the days. Simply put the scrutiny had advanced – and Donald Trump was not prepared for it. In many ways you could make the argument that he was naive.

There are many arguments about whether Donald Trump’s impeachment – or his behaviour in the White House can be considered criminal – only a criminal lawyer can comment on these matters – and for that info you can learn more here.

And so we come to this period of history as we wonder – how much of politician’s past should we really focus on?